Stopping Nighttime Cravings

Night eating can lead to some serious weight gain, but this has more to do with our food choices late at night. We’re more likely to reach for snacks at night that are quick, easy and tasty. And in many kitchens, that means junk food. To beat the late-night junk-food habit — and the unwanted calories it can bring — try these strategies:

  • Stock up on snack foods that are just as quick as the high-calorie junk foods. Some healthy choices: eat a piece of fruit, adding whipped cream to berries is low-cal; low-fat microwave popcorn; sugar-free gelatin.
  • Plan ahead if you know you are a midnight snacker. By eating a lighter, healthier dinner you won’t feel so bad about having a light snack later. And eating smaller meals is good for your metabolism anyway.
  • Drink more water. Many often confuse being thirsty with being hungry. Before reaching for snack food, drink some water or decaf green tea. Green tea suppresses appetite.