Burn Calories Doing Mundane Activities

When you hear the term “calorie-burning activity,” you may tend to think automatically of formal exercise. The fact is, just about any physical action burns more calories than staying still does. Think of being more active as reclaiming your body’s role in doing the little things life. Consider all facets of your day-to-day routine and look for ways that you can introduce movement to the task. Some examples: walking to the mailbox instead of driving to the post office, bagging and loading your own groceries, walking the dog instead of delegating it to another family member. Any one of these subtle changes may burn only an extra 20 or 30 calories — a drop in the proverbial bucket — but cumulatively, those calories add up pretty quickly.

The net result: over the course of weeks and months, you’ve burned hundreds or thousands of additional calories. And that translates into lost pounds.